Thanksgiving Shipping Notice: We will only be shipping on Monday (20th) the week of Thanksgiving. If you would like to receive an order that week, please order by Sunday 19th 5pm EST.


I just ordered my food. When will it arrive?
We work with a fulfillment company that has multiple warehouses. Depending on where you live, transit time will vary. If you order before 10am EST Tuesday, you should have your food by Friday no matter where you live (except parts of South Texas, Monday cutoff for y'all). We ship throughout the week based on your specific transit time, but if your order comes in too late to get to you before the weekend, we will hold it until the following Monday to ship. If you have any questions about your specific transit times, drop us a line.

How much is shipping?
Shipping fees are $10 for small cases, $15 for large cases, and $25 for two large cases. That said, if you are interested in NO shipping fees, please consider joining our subscription plan with free shipping! :)

How does my food stay frozen?
We ship in environmentally friendly, biodegradable cold shippers that do a great job of insulating the food. In addition, we use dry ice to keep things nice and chilly during summer months and for warm climates (please use caution when handling—don't worry, we include instructions). Otherwise, we use gel ice packs, which are reusable and great for traveling with Evermore!

What if my food arrives NOT frozen?
We take every effort to make sure your food arrives to you frozen. If it arrives partially thawed but still cold to the touch, it is still safe to consume, and can be refrozen. However, if the food arrives fully thawed near room temperature or warmer, please contact us ASAP so we can replace it.

Why is your food so expensive?
Based on the quality and cost of the ingredients we source, our food is fairly priced. There is absolutely NO difference between the quality of our food and the “people food” you buy at your local natural grocer or farmer's market. In fact, if you were to go purchase all of these comparable ingredients to make your own version at home, you would likely spend more money—and this does not factor in the cost of prep and cooking time or the research that goes into ensuring a home-cooked diet is complete and balanced (in our case, we get most of our nutrients from whole-food ingredients and only supplement minimally). Perhaps the more important question is: Why is most pet food so cheap?

What is the difference between buying online and in stores?
Our online prices are comparable to those of our retailers. We believe that every dog (in the continental US) deserves the opportunity to eat the best food in the world (yes, we are biased... but it's true). The goal of our online store is to reach all the locations that do not currently have easily accessible retailers. We love our retailers and urge you to support them if there is one within a reasonable distance from your home. It is better for your local economy and the environment to support community-based independent retailers.

My dog is picky. Can I get a free sample first to see if he likes it?
Even picky dogs tend to love Evermore! At this time there is unfortunately no safe and cost-effective way for us to send a single free sample to an individual. We do offer a two-unit sampler pack for those new to Evermore, which includes free shipping and a coupon code for 10% your next purchase. Also, if we are sold in a store in your area, we try our best to keep our retailers well-stocked with free samples and are always happy to send more if they are out.

What is your return/refund policy?
If you place an order and need to cancel it before the shipment has gone out, we are happy to accommodate you. Once we have shipped the product to you, however, we cannot offer a refund. If the food arrives to you in a compromised state (e.g., warm food, punctured packaging, etc.), please contact us ASAP and we will replace it.