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Benny (left) and Archie (right)

"I found your website after searching online for a dog food that met all my requirements—low-temperature cooking, organic, human grade, etc. Some companies met a few requirements, but yours was the only one that really nailed it without having to compromise." Bryan | Henderson, NV


"We were delighted to discover Evermore while researching the various gently cooked dog foods out there. Dakota is a picky eater (unlike her parents), and we tried several options in our journey to find a food she enjoys. The minute we unpackaged her first Evermore pouch, Dakota went nuts. She LOVES the lamb recipe and licks the bowl clean every time! Thanks, Evermore!” JD & Marc | New York, NY


"I was on an obsessive dog food hunt for such a long time (no joke, I was a total lunatic)! I was SO psyched to find out about you guys at an adoption event in Brooklyn a couple of years ago. It sounds really cheesy, but making Evermore her main diet has been a long-term goal." Jessie | Jersey City, NJ


"Not only does Zoe love her Evermore, I’m happy with it too. It was very important for me to find a dog food that did not contain the harmful by-products and filler grains that are so prevalent in the majority of products on the market. It’s very hard to find companies that make the effort to sell a product for well-being over profit.” Kate | San Francisco, CA

More Testimonials

To say that Byron loves your food is an understatement. Feeding time has never been easier! There hasn't been an instance where I've had to spoon feed Byron to try to get him to eat the food. Nope, he licks his bowl spotless and clean every. single. time. Thanks to your company, I no longer have any feelings of guilt over Byron's food. My mind is at peace knowing that I am feeding Byron the best food out there.

Christina | Las Vegas, NV

I just want to say how much my dog Bella enjoys Evermore! I just mix a little of it with her dry food, and she eats it up each time! Now I don't have to worry about boiling chicken, peas, and carrots in order to get her to eat her dry food.  It was such a process every week to make all that for her, but with Evermore I know that she is getting the nutrients she needs, and she really enjoys it. I am so glad to have found Evermore!

Mindy | Rutherford, NJ

We got our supposedly healthy 8-week old Tibetan terrier, Phoebe, from a breeder. When I brought her to our vet, I was told that she had a serious heart condition and would be lucky to live a year. We were devastated but refused to give her up. Two months shy of her 8th birthday, she is still with us.  I believe she is alive because of 3 reasons: 1. A lot of love; 2. Evermore (which she devours at every meal!); and 3. Daily walks.  A clear demonstration that miracles happen!!

Amy | Rye, NY

Tater is sooo excited about the food. I've actually never seen him this excited over mealtime his entire life—he's usually picky and not very food-driven in general. With Evermore, he wolfs down as much as I give him, which has never happened before with any other dog food I've given him.

Amy | Fremont, CA

When Baxter, our 13-year-old, was diagnosed with lung cancer, he refused to eat and was losing weight at an alarming rate. We tried everything, then we discovered Evermore. Thanks to your food, Baxter has gained weight to the point of needing to cut back. Now his new nickname is Porky! His bowels are normal, and I truly believe that Evermore helped ease the cancer symptoms. Thank you, Evermore, for adding to my cancer fighter’s quality of life!

Mandy | Westerville, OH

For an old gal, my dog Ruby is in amazing health, and I attribute a good part of that to her Evermore diet.  As a cook with a bad attitude (which means I don’t cook for anyone!), there was no way I was going to make my dog’s food. Lucky for us, there’s Evermore. She’s healthy, and I stay far away from the kitchen.

April | New York, NY

I love your food, so I am telling everyone about it. I wanted my dog to be able to eat fresh food, but my vet advised against it as it is hard to get the proportions of everything they need when self-preparing. Raw food did not agree with her; we needed a cooked option. It just didn't feel right that what she eats comes out of a bag or can and is shelf-stable, so I was happy to come across your food. I am also really happy you use only humanely raised meats. Your food is the first healthy dog food my dogs consistently like and are excited to eat. Thanks for creating it!

Meagan | San Francisco, CA

Being a long-term advocate of raw diets, I was skeptical about Evermore. After trying a sample and reading about the nutrition, I was convinced and converted. Moujik is getting the most complete and balanced meal every time he eats—and he loves the food! His coat is shinier than ever, and his stools are firm and consistent. I'm so grateful to Evermore for making the best cooked dog food ever!

Anouk | Brooklyn, NY

We did tons of research to find the best raw food with no antibiotics or hormones, grass-fed beef, and organic fruits and veggies for Bonnie, our 10-year-old Shih-Tzu. After a few months, she developed big black circles around her eyes and an extreme habit of licking her paws. She also started rejecting her food. We scrambled to find a solution with the same high-quality ingredients, and Evermore was the only option. We also love that you cook at low heat to maintain nutrients. Just three days after giving her Evermore, her dark circles completely vanished and her paw licking subsided. She loves her new food and is excited to eat every day!

Lisa | Miami, FL