Meet Bonnie, Clyde, Beauty & Beast!

We're so excited to share this amazing testimonial from one of our most recent subscribers. No matter how hard our jobs may feel at times, it is stories like this that remind us why we feel so blessed to be doing this work every day!

Bonnie is a 10-year-old Shih-Tzu. She was eating a raw diet for about six months. We did tons of research to find the best raw food with no antibiotics or hormones, grass-fed beef, and organic fruits and veggies.


After feeding her raw for a few months, she developed big black circles around her eyes and an extreme habit of licking her feet—to the point that her paws were raw and beet red. She also started rejecting the raw food, which was not like her. She would just walk away from her dish and not eat at all, sometimes for an entire day.

We scrambled to find a solution. After researching what we could give her to replace the raw food with the same high-quality ingredients, Evermore was the only food that was available. Also, Evermore cooks their food at a low heat to maintain nutrients. We didn’t find any other company with this quality.

Just three days after giving her Evermore, her dark circles completely vanished and her feet licking subsided. Her feet are completely healing, and she loves her new food. She is excited to eat every day!

We also have three other Shih-Tzus. After smelling Bonnie’s delicious Evermore food, one by one they started rejecting the raw food. Now we have the whole family Bonnie, Clyde, Beauty, and Beast on the best food on earth!

From left to right: Beast, Clyde, Beauty

I can’t tell you the countless times I’ve called Evermore, and Alison and Hanna are always available to answer any question. They are a pleasure to work with, and our family is so grateful! Thank you, Evermore!

-Lisa & Xiomara

Thank you, Lisa and Xiomara, for sharing your inspiring story! We think raw is a great option for many dogs, but just like us humans, dogs are individuals, so different high-quality diets work for different pups—especially as they age and their digestion and immune systems slow down. We work very hard to make a gentle, health-supportive diet, and nothing is more validating than hearing directly from our customers how Evermore is positively impacting their dogs' lives. If you would like to share your pup's story, please email us at