Meet Baxter, Cancer-Fighting Champion!

We are so blessed to have seriously awesome customers. Upon relaunching our newsletter and blog, it seemed only fitting that we should tell their stories. We naturally thought of Baxter in Ohio, who we knew from various e-mail communications was fighting cancer and thriving on Evermore. When we reached out to his humans for an update, we were thrilled to recieve this letter in response:

Six months ago, our 13-year-old baby boy was diagnosed with a Pulmonary Carcinoma in his right lung with lymph node metastasis. Basically, cancer had decided it was going to become Baxter’s biggest bully in life. He had begun to refuse to eat and was losing weight at an alarming rate. Baxter is not our first dog that has faced cancer, so my mother and I were very well educated in how to give Baxter a better chance at enjoying the life he had left. We had tried everything from home cooked rice and chicken meals from the crockpot to my mom going out and buying ten different types of dry and can dog food for him to try. Sir Baxter had himself a canine smorgasbord that would put Hometown Buffett to shame.

Amongst the search for a food that would not only be appealing to Baxter but would also help keep meat on his bones, my mother discovered Evermore. He was hesitant at first, but after finding his preferred method of it being served (which is as warm as mommy can make it), he began to look forward to those little white boxes! His new nickname is Porky, because he can’t get enough Evermore—breathing simply gets in the way, causing him to make piggy noises when he eats. Thanks to Evermore, Baxter has gained weight to the point of needing to cut back on Evermore. He gets excited about his canine “Mitchell’s Steakhouse” meals twice a day. Not only has it helped with his weight, but his bowels are normal, and I truly believe Evermore has helped ease the cancer symptoms. Thank you, Evermore, for adding to my cancer fighter’s quality of life!

- Mandy

Thank you, Mandy, for sharing Baxter's inspiring story! We work very hard to make a gentle, health-supportive diet, and nothing is more validating than hearing directly from our customers how Evermore is positively impacting their dogs' lives. If you would like to share your pup's story, please email us at